Monday, November 05, 2007

Can we help this expectant father?

I got a post on a recent topic that I felt deserved a post of its own. Here it is:

On our 20th anniversary, my wife and I found out she was pregnant. I am 46 she is 45. We have a 16 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. We both are scared about being older parents and need help.

That must have been quite the anniversary surprise! My parents went through that as well - my mother and father were in their 40s when my brother and I came along, and had already raised three kids. I was still in college when my mother retired at 65. There were some advantages of being the late arrival, particularly in terms of stability. Most of my older siblings moved frequently in their youths as my dad went from job to job, while I spent my entire childhood in one neighborhood.

But I recognize as well that for the parents there are also significant downsides. I guess the key question is - what about being an older parent scares you?

Anyone else with thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hi honey...can you believe today is our 20th anniversary? I love you more today than the first day we got married. We all know these words. These feelings of comfort and love. They were followed by the shocker. the way...I'm pregnant.

I'm not against 20th anniversaries or the love a wife and husband with two teenage kids can still feel after many years together. I love my wife. I love my kids. I want to get off the floor, but my head hit my office desk on the way down. There I crouched, my hand on the now swelling forehead of a crazy 46 year old kid who suddenly is having a hard time breathing. How is it possible that after 13 years of unprotected sex with your wife, how can it be possible she got pregnant. My mom always told me it could take just one time. Everytime I went out with my girlfriend in highschool she told me that ridiculous line parents throw out to the raging teens, " only takes one time!" She did'nt tell me it could take 1872 times. I really took Woody Allens 3 times a week in Annie Hall and times it by 13 years. I wish. But it was alot nevertheless. Unbelievable. Pregnant. And mine. I think. Of course you idiot its mine. I'm sure its a white jewish, sort of jewish looking, baby. Oy vey I'm pregnant. You're not pregnat you fool your wife is pregant and you are the father. You are also the father of a 16 year old girl who hates you. Well she says she hates you but you know, you think, no you know she loves you. At least she always did until high school and found boys. I hate all boys. Especially teenage boys. Except my other teenager, 13 year old Nic. Of course he changed his name that we generously gave him from Nicky or Nicholas, when were pissed at him, to Nic. I'm not really sure why he likes Nic. Get back on the subject you're pregnant you goof. You're gonna have a baby at what 47? Forty Seven? I'm spelling it and saying it different each time in my head and it is still the same. Catorse siete? Oh shit, its the same in spanish. In any language it spells I'm too old to start having kids. On my 20th anniversary? Wait, I forgot she's still on the phone. Honey...I love you more now than when we first got married. I really meant it.

Nick said...

Wow! This is an amazing internet artifact. How did it turn out?