Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The road to the White House is paved with freshly changed diapers

I wrote last week about the high number of new dads among the front-runners in the '08 presidential race. ABCnews.com is running a story on their front-page on the subject today. I'm quoted near the end. I though the reporter, Susan Donaldson James, had a nice take on the issue. She and I chatted for about 10 minutes yesterday.

Here is a link to the story.


Anonymous said...



Please post on this if possible.

Daddy G. said...

Good article, thanks for posting. We've talked much about the male biological clock issue here, but not much recently and it's certainly worth revisitng. I am in the middle of local election coverage and I think this deserves a thoughtful post, so I will make a new post out of it when I can get some of my stories behind me and can give this the time it deserves. It will probably be Sunday before I post.

Thanks again for sharing.